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C is for CD-Gerät


The Bs left me a bit underwhelmed and although I like the Cs better they don’t really correspond that well to the criteria. They are pixeled and sanserif(ish), but not all that regular or experimental. Perhaps I got a bit carried away with the dither pattern and making an 8×8 character.

Onwards to D.



The letter B: serif, regular, drawn by hand, lo-fi.

Marbling afternoon


This afternoon was spent trying out marbling paper using black ink and almond oil. I then scanned the marbled paper, moving it around as it scanned and finally assembled the result above in Photoshop.

A multitasking project

Today I’m starting a multitasking project combining type sketching with expanding my German vocabulary.

I’ve set up four cateogories. A selection in each category corresponds to a number. I will work alphabetically. With each new letter characteristics for that particular letter will be chosen using the categories and a generator for randomly picking numbers. For each letter I pick ten words beginning with that letter. The idea is that I’m not allowed to spend too much time on the type sketching.

The numbers for A were 3, 2, 3, 6, which means, wacom, sanserif, italic and ornamental. Not so sure about how the ornamental aspects of the letter turned out. Making ornamental things doesn’t seem to be my thing.

Dreams have a meaning

Chapter one of Freud’s book Dream Psychology.

I don’t know where my Iphone got the idea for the romantic filter effect it put on the photo. Other pictures will follow.